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IN MEMORY OF ART JAKUBOWITZ                     Birchwood School's First Principal

Art Jakubowitz was the first principal of the Birchwood School when it joined the Clarkstown Central School District in 1984. He served as its heart and soul for 27 years as he fostered an atmosphere of caring and compassion for a special student body population that is unparalleled.  Art passed away unexpectedly on October 29th and his loss has created a void that will be difficult to fill.

Each June Art would comment to his staff that Birchwood’s graduation day was his favorite day of the year. The day provided an opportunity to the students, their families, the staff and community members to all share in the remarkable accomplishments of the Birchwood student body.  In an effort to continue Art’s legacy, we would like to build a gazebo with a memorial garden in his honor and have it as the centerpiece of Birchwood’s future graduations.

Art’s service to education and his role as a pillar of the community have, and will continue to have, a positive and long lasting influence on the special souls he touched and throughout the Clarkstown Community. 

Thank you for considering donating to this memorial for a great man.

Donate to Birchwood Gazebo: Donate
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